Poster Design — Decisions 
(collaboration with UsBerlin) 

Poster Design — What Do You Do? 
(Graphic Design Festival Breda) 

Webdesign & Interface What's a Book
(Master Project)

Book Design  Reading 
(DSAA Project)

Illustration — Within the Margins 
(DSAA Project)

Illustration — If on a Winter's Night…
(DSAA Project)

Illustration & Book Design —
If on a Winter's Night… (DSAA Project)

Book Design — If on a Winter's Night…
(DSAA Project)

Scenography — (DSAA Project)

Book Design — Cent Ans de Solitude

Visual Identity — Ex Nihilo (Music Label)

Illustration & Book Design — DVYF

Visual Identity — Magie Nouvelle
(BTS Professional Project)

Mobile App Design — Pix

Web Design — Grafixie

Multimedia & Installation —

Multimedia — Corpo Tempo

Photography — Landscapes

Photography — Skies

Typography — 
Experimental Reading

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